Building Links For Businesses

Building Links For Businesses

Building links isn’t just for consumer brands. It’s for business to business clients too. We worked with a company called Outfund, and our work proves just that. 

The investment industry isn’t alien to us, we’ve worked within it over the last decade. Venture capital funds are forms of private equity financing that invest in startups, early-stage businesses and other emerging companies. We’ve worked with many and we know the space well. Outfund is one of the first growth funding platforms and they wanted to shake up their approach to SEO as opposed to the B2B norm. 

Due to lock down and the pandemic looking like it wasn’t leaving any time soon it was important to identify that businesses and start-ups were going to need some cash injections. We proposed a two-stage launch plan. 

Firstly, we needed to look at the coverage and links using key titles across the fintech industry, the finance industry, investment, and business media. 

Secondly, create and provide links from sites with a high domain authority rank and drive online traffic to improve the ranking of the new website. 

How did we do?

Phase one was successful with coverage spanning across a number of well-known titles. With this we provided profile and opinion pieces on a number of different websites. The majority of these websites included a link. 

Phase two was met with the development of a story. A strong consumer angle was needed that crossed national media. The story had coverage over 34 titles, including some large publishing names. They came with homepage links boasting a DA of 75. 

Even after phase one, Outlook reported back that they had already seen a dramatic increase in both site traffic and site ranking. 

We would love to help your business with a link-building campaign. Let us know and get in touch!

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