Innovative, Interesting & Unusual Ways To Build Links For SEO

Innovative, Interesting & Unusual Ways To Build Links For SEO

We can sit for hours waiting for inspiration to take hold of us. But why wait? Creativity doesn’t just come in a singular form. It moulds and changes with the way we think. Sometimes, a groundbreaking idea hits us straight in the face and the rest of the industry wallows in jealously, wishing they’d come up with the idea first. Missing Type are a fantastic example with their latest NHS blood campaign and it’s hard to ignore IKEA. 

Watching trends in the market is another way to visualise and create link-building stories. If there’s a trend to utilise then there will be a way to make it profitable. Even one-off organic stories that rise in popularity have a standpoint. 

Our latest PR involvement for SEO was for a luxury homeware brand called Olivia’s. We wrote a blog titled “The worlds most unusual home interiors”. It wasn’t difficult to find a list of 10 homes that boasted the most unusual interiors. Whilst the outside looked normal, inside was filled with decor likened to a pub, Barbie’s Dream House, the Palace of Versailles and even the Star Trek Voyager! 

The story was fun, innovative and had everything a busy digital journalist needs. The main point to revisit is that it had a perfect link back to Olivia’s. 

The Results?

  • 100+ pieces of coverage across local and national news 
  • 100% of coverage had a follow link back to Olivias 
  • Average DA – 58 

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