Launching Smart, How To Utilise A Dream

Launching Smart, How To Utilise A Dream

Everyone has a dream, whether you know what it is or not, it will appear when you discover your passion. Having a dream from a young age is an obsession, it’s all you think about. How can you get there? What can I do to better my chances? This is why targeting a young audience with opportunity is a brilliant way to gain web traffic and boost your business. 

Working with the London Boys Ballet School was going to be a challenge. We had to launch their new online classes in one of the most difficult times we’ve seen in a while, the Coronavirus pandemic. How could we target this market in the most efficient way possible? Newsround seemed the most logical place to pitch. 

Whilst working remotely in this time has been a challenge, especially when trying to promote ballet for boys in other countries, we managed to strike gold. The founder and director of the LBBS gave interviews, clips of boys learning and taking part in classes all over the world and even a piece to camera. 

It aired on CBBC throughout the day and came with brilliant success. The school reported an increase in web traffic and many enquiries about their new online product in over 20 countries. Because of this, the story gained traction with other publications including The Stage ad Classic FM. 

The moral of the story here is quality over quantity.

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