Thinking Outside The Box: Links That Work

Thinking Outside The Box: Links That Work

We will start by saying that this project came at the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the United Kingdom. What became very apparent was just how important the keyworkers are for our country, the most obvious being those working for the NHS. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, cleaners, porters, and everyone else, they’re all integral to the success of the national health service. 

Because of this, numerous brands decided to show appreciation and offer discounts and products to those key workers. The famous Thursday evening clap which happened for 10 weeks in a row brought huge attention to the NHS workers and it wasn’t long before all these discounts and products were collected onto one website. 

The website was and it immediately positioned itself as the place to go for NHS discounts. How did we help? 

Initially, we came up with several ideas that were relevant to the NHS, it’s workers, mental health, a potential change of career, etc. These felt a little too much for a light read that would benefit a website that’s for the benefit of the NHS. 

We decided to concentrate on the younger generation to see what their perception is of the NHS. Will there be a long term impact from this pandemic? We surveyed over 2500 kids between the ages of 4 and 16. This survey gave us a list of the top 20 jobs children would like to do in 2020. 

What did we gain from this? 

  • 100+ pieces of news coverage, regional and national 
  • Average DA – 54 
  • 100% of coverage linked back to 

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